From Founder

Founder’s message

Aizenx*, Knowledge management organization to promote business intelligence, promotes chemicals business at base level, to make it a prospering, promising fast growing economy.

As a networks builder, system integrator to fuel upcoming business opportunities in India as well as abroad, Aizenx, through its design thinking, is marching forward and moving to create a new decentralized distributed peer to peer connected platform.

This upscaling platform with its brick and mortar business centers in several locations in India first and next abroad is intended to collaborate.

Thus, Aizenx offers its open innovation digital platform to enthusiastic entrepreneurs and startups to collaborate and share business intelligence.

Take this opportunity to become a stake holder of our Aizenx from survival mode to sustain and then to succeed in their attempts in near future.

Aizenx has built, with its stake holders, C-Hub, startups incubation center to innovate and as well as business incubation center at its coworking space to collaborate.

Aizenx caters its resources to collaborate academic research, industrial research to create entrepreneurial ecosystem through its association.

Aizenx is also creating entrepreneurail tourism to connect Indain startups and International startups to have physical presence through their business innovations and thus acting as an interface to fill the gaps and gain the opportunities such as funding and special economic zones (SEZ).

Welcome to Aizenx to prosper and enhance capabilities to reach extra mile and make a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Aspire to achieve.

*Aizenx Chemdirect International Private Limited